Friday, April 18, 2014

Idaho Potato

Oh heyyyy! Does anyone read this? No? Okay. I'll write anyways. It's been awhile..! And I'm sorry. To whom? Possibly you, if you've been a faithful reader. If you haven't been a faithful reader... OkayfineI'mstillsorry. Since I've last posted, a LOT has happened... First of all...

I'VE ATTENDED COLLEGE. And yes. It is a big deal. I've been traveling with my faithful friend, Fred the Flamingo (try saying that five times fast. I dare you).

I attend Brigham Young University Idaho. And yes, it is my second semester and I'm STILL not engaged. Neither do I have a boyfriend.* Not that I REALLY care, though. Would it be nice? Of course, but I'm not going to complain. #datsinglelifedoe Aaaaanywayyyyys... I'm rooming with a beautiful girl whom I shall call Because I'm Luxurious (because that is what my phone auto-corrected her name to). I'm very excited to start my new semester. Why? Because it's spring, mainly. Which means that the ice has melted up here in the 'Burg. Woo hoo! Warm sunshine, awesome hikes, maybe a visit or two to Yellowstone. If anyone would like to come visit me, we have an extra room! Please! Come! I love you all. And welcome to my adventures in Idaho.

*Applications are currently being accepted.

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