Wednesday, June 18, 2014

52 Reasons Why You Should Watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup

It's that time of year. For most people, this is when the bar is most packed, you have two beers in your hands, chips, surrounded by people you have never met and yet bond instantly. No, it's not the Super Bowl. This... Is real fútbol. This isn't some silly game of people in helmets and pads running into each other, THIS STUFF IS REAL. These are chiseled men who's only protection is their cleats and agile moves. You don't have to care about soccer for the years in-between the World Cups. Us die-hard fans aren't asking you to care about soccer during any other time of your life. All we ask is that you are as enthusiastic as the rest of us towards this sacred time. But just in case you need a few reasons to watch these games, I have come up with a few that I think are simple and attractively convincing.

1. Mathew Ryan

2. Ryan McGowan

3.  Mitchell Langerak

4. Robin Van Persie

5. Memphis Depay 

6. Sergio Ramos

7. Iker Casillas

8.Cesc Fabregas

9. Juan Mata

10. Gerard Piqué  

11. Cristiano Ronaldo

12. Rúben Amorim 

13. Rui Patrício

14. Victor Leandro Bagy

15. Henrique

16. Jozy Altidor 

17. Ezequiel Lavezzi 
(This is the look I give people when they say they've never heard of the World Cup.)

18. Fernando Gago 

19. Sergio Agüero 

20. Lionel Messi  
(Sometimes I look at him... And see Liam Neeson.)

21. Ciro Immobile

 22. Marco Verratti

23. Daniele De Rossi

24. Claudio Marchisio 

25. Andrea Barzagli

 26. Salvatore Sirigu

27. Leonardo Bonucci

28. Antonio Candreva

29. Luke Shaw

30. Phil Jagielka

31. Glen Johnson 

32. Miroslav Klose

33. Manuel Neuer 

34. Phillipp Lahm 

35. Lukas Podolski 

36. Martio Götze

37. Thomas Müller 

38. Mats Hummels 

39. Jérôme Boateng

40.  Benedikt Höwedes

41. Erik Durm 

42. Shkodran Mustafi 

43. Christoph Kramer

44. Kyle Beckerman
I really wish that I was just friends with him.

45. Javier Herández Balcázar

46. Guillermo Ochoa  
This guy is an incredible keeper. Oh my saves. Brazil has met their match.

47. Miguel Layún

48. Isaác Brizuela

49. Paul Aguilar 

50. Alexis Sánchez 

51. Carlos Carmona

52. Charles Aránguiz 

Well... There you have it. 52 reasons as to why you should watch it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have highlights to watch. 


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