Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rejection Junction

Blogs are where you keep everyone updated on your life, right? Well here's a part of my recent life:


Most Recent Example #1: Once upon a time I got a 27 on my ACT, straight A's in school. One day, I applied to BYU-Provo. Then I was rejected. The End.

Most Recent Example #2: I finally got the guts to ask my crush to a Sadie Hawkin's dance (called 'Pink Out'. The money raised from people buying tickets is donated to breast cancer research). We'll call him Clive. I really liked (yes. "Liked".) Clive. He's very attractive, funny, weird, awkward (sound familiar?), and smart. He also has a very fine jaw bone. Anyways, Clive has only four classes in school (it IS our senior year). So I bought four sticks of butter. To make sure that he didn't throw away the butter, I put the first one in a bag with his name on it, and I put two letters on each stick, so that when you stacked it, it said "Pink Out?" It looked something like this:

I gave one stick to each of his teachers to put on his desk before class started so that when he arrived to class, the butter was already there. In his fourth class, he got the last stick AND a piece of paper that said, "Now that I've buttered you up a little... Will you go to Pink Out with me?  -- Samantha". I know what you're thinking. How could he say no? I was thinking the same thing. But I was wrong. He did. Well... Sort of. I was sitting with some friends at lunch when he found me. He was grinning and started a conversation that went something like this:

Clive: Hey! Come take a walk with me. I want to talk to you.

Sam: Aaaaaaaall right!

Clive: Thank you so much for thinking about asking me to Pink Out. But... I wasn't ever really planning on going... With anyone. It's not just you. And I don't want to give people the wrong idea about us. (FRIEND-ZONED) I mean... We're just friends, right?

Sam: O-Of course! I mean... Duh (semi-fake laugh). I totally understand. (Dying a little inside, yet grinning on the outside) 

Clive: Okay, cool. Well I'll see you.

And then he smiled that smile of his and I did the walk of shame.... It was more of shuffling, but you know.

Most Recent Example #3: I was asked to "Mormal" (a Mormon Formal). I said yes. We made plans for dinner and our group. Come the day of, I get a text saying he's not going. Nope. HE didn't tell me. One of my friends had to. I have not heard from him since. Yaaaay meeeee. But it's okay.  Because I still went to that dance, and I rocked it. #killinit

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