Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello, there! I'm Sam. The awkward flamingo. I'm sure you're wondering where this name came from. In all honesty? Me too. But let me just make up something so I don't look as crazy.
-An: Another form of the word "a" to accommodate vowels in following words; singular. I, am quite single at the moment. It makes sense.
-Awkward: #storyofmylife. Need I say more? But seriously, you don't even know how awkward I am.
-Flamingo: I don't really know why this came up because my favorite animals are penguins. Maybe because flamingos seem more awkward than penguins? Or maybe it's because it just sounded better. We may never know.
-Named: Self-explanatory, right?
-Sam: That's me!
Welcome to my new blog! This is my very first one and I hope that people other than my mother enjoy it. (Love you, mom!)

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